Welcome to Soul Events USA, we are dedicated to bringing you great events, in great places!  Race hard and have fun.

  7 Events, Nationwide! Race one, race all!

This is the premier national gran fondo ride and endurance road race series in the USA!
200 & 400 Mile Races - Solo, 2- & 4-Person Relay Teams
30, 60 & 120-Mile Rides
Includes the following states: 

Texas - March 9, 2013
Southern California - April 6, 2013  
Oregon - May 11, 2013
Minnesota - August 17, 2013  
Northern California - September 14, 2013
Ohio - September 28, 2013  
Florida - November 2, 2013  

See raamchallenge.com for more details

Coming Soon The World 6-12-24 Hour Championships!
November 9, 2013 Coachella Valley, California

Info at: www.24HrWorlds.com

Are Time Trials your thing, we got 'em!
Solo and Relay Team Divisions

Get ready to saddle up and ride. 
More details to come.

June 2013 will be the 6th annual Race Across the West (RAW)
featuring the best endurance racing in the country on a spectacular course from Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO!

Every race will have early registration discounts! No additional registration fees!

Every race will be run snow, rain or shine!

* Note:  There are no refunds for entry fees.  


Contact us: director@souleventsusa.com